Welcome to RiceRBP

RiceRBP is a novel database and analysis platform developed for the study of RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) in rice (Oryza sativa). This database contains detailed biological information including sequence, protein domain, cellular localization, functional annotation, ortholog, and expression data for 257 experimentally identified RNA-binding proteins. Several integrated tools have been developed (see below) to aid in the mining and visualization of the information stored in the RiceRBP database. This project was supported by the National Science Foundation Plant Genome Research Program grant DBI-0605016.


Protein Search
The protein search tool allows users to query the RiceRBP for specific RNA-binding proteins using several different criteria including the systematic name (e.g. RBP-A), gene name (e.g. Os11g063770 or LOC_Os11g41890), transcript name (e.g. AK105751), GI accession (e.g. 115486383) or keyword (e.g. hnRNP). Alternatively users can view the entire list of identified proteins stored in RiceRBP.
BLAST Search
The BLAST search tool allows users to perform custom sequence homology searches using a query sequence of interest.
RBP Expression
The RBP expression tool visualizes user selected RBP expression profiles (i.e. log2 ratios) collected from 67 microarray experiments spanning different growth conditions (e.g. cold shock), developmental stages and tissues (seedling root).

RiceRBP RNA-binding protein tree