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Welcome to the Athena homepage
Pantheon provides visualization and data-mining of Arabidopsis thaliana promoter sequences.
Quick, one-step selection of genes is available with both of these tools.
For more in-depth investigation, we provide a wide array of analysis tools including and a suite of of analysis tools for
  • Promoter visualization tool for inspection of promoter sequences
  • Transcription factor binding site enrichment tool to identify statistically over-represented TF sites occurring in a selected set of promoters
  • Data mining tools to select promoters based on TF binding sites, GO terms, and genome subsets
  • Plot of position distribution of TF binding sites
  • Search for promoters containing custom-defined motifs
  • Cross-linked with ExpressionAngler to import sets of coregulated genes
  • Cross-linked with Promomer to analyze promoter sequences for novel motifs: BBC @ University of Toronto
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Select a tool
Tutorial: A step-by-step guide of how to use each of Athena's tools
Visualization: List accessions to visualize up to 100 promoter regions
Data Mining: Select sets of promoter sequences by common transcription factors or common Gene Ontology terms
Analysis suite: High-powered data mining, visualization, and our full suite of analysis tools
Custom Motif Search: Search for sets of promoters containing motifs not present in our database.

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